About Me

COLOR ME PIXELS is a reflect of my heart and soul. Hi, my name is Shifnaz. I am from Sri Lanka and the creator of the site. I love colors and to draw. As a hobby I take nature photography. So, I choose to bring my creative side through the digital world with my printable wall arts into your loving homes.

Graphic designing is a new learning experience. A wonderful platform to explore my inner flair for graphic designing and typography designs. And I enjoy every moment of it.

My artworks are designed in Adobe Illustrator following the current trend in the market. I offer affordable and captivating printable wall art decor, to fit the ambience of your home. That can be in a living room, a bedroom, or any other place where you spend your time the most.

There’s nothing I love more than seeing my wall art prints adorning your beautiful home walls encouraging me to inspire for more creative works.

Enjoy browsing the prints!



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